ABAC™ Expands Global Accreditations With Latest Recognition By DEPARTMENT of STANDARDS MALAYSIA

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ABAC™ Center of Excellence, the global leader in Anti-Bribery Certification and Anti-Corruption Compliance, proudly announces its accreditation by the prestigious Department of Standards Malaysia. This recognition solidifies ABAC™’s position as a trusted authority in the rapidly growing nexus of anti-bribery and anti-corruption and highlights the monumental significance of its commitment to promoting business integrity, compliance, and ethical conduct.

The Department of Standards Malaysia, renowned for its rigorous evaluation and accreditation process, has recognized ABAC™ Center of Excellence as a leading certification body in the fight against bribery and corruption. This distinction further reinforces ABAC™’s unwavering dedication to setting the highest standards of excellence and driving meaningful change in the global business landscape.

“We are honored to receive this esteemed accreditation from the Department of Standards Malaysia,” said Zafar I. Anjum, the Group CEO of ABAC™ Center of Excellence. “This recognition is a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence and our commitment to eradicating corruption by leading organizations in meeting regulatory standards in an evolving market environment. It reinforces our position as the go-to certification body for organizations seeking to proactively address bribery and corruption risks.”

Zafar I. Anjum is a distinguished figure in the fields of Anti-Corruption, Fraud Prevention, and Compliance, with a remarkable career spanning over three decades. As the Group CEO of ABAC™ Center of Excellence Limited, he leads a global team specializing in ISO certification for Anti-Bribery and Compliance Management Systems. Mr. Zafar’s educational journey is equally impressive, having obtained a Master of Science in Counter Fraud and Counter Corruption from the prestigious University of Portsmouth, UK, and a Master of Fraud and Financial Crime from CSU Australia, with distinction. Furthermore, his expertise is fortified by certifications in Fraud Examination, enhancing his proficiency in International Investigation, Governance, Risk, Compliance, and Anti-Money Laundering.

Mr. Zafar is widely recognized for his exceptional capabilities in fraud risk management, security consultations, and crisis management. His reputation as a trusted authority extends to corporate clients, government agencies, and industry groups worldwide. Through his unwavering commitment and innovative approach, Mr. Zafar consistently delivers dynamic solutions that address the complexities of challenging global markets.

The accreditation by the Department of Standards Malaysia serves as a resounding endorsement of ABAC™’s capabilities and expertise in the anti-bribery and anti-corruption realm. It signifies that ABAC™ has met the stringent criteria set by the department, including demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of international best practices, robust certification processes, and a commitment to upholding the highest standards of integrity, ethics, and compliance.

Furthermore, the accreditation by the Department of Standards Malaysia solidifies ABAC™’s position as a trusted authority in anti-bribery certification and anti-corruption compliance, highlighting the exceptional expertise and unwavering dedication of its team. ABAC™’s professionals, armed with extensive knowledge and experience, offer a wide range of services that encompass ISO 37001 Certification for Anti-Bribery Management Systems, meticulous bribery risk assessments, and comprehensive corporate governance and compliance solutions.

As ABAC™ continues to lead the way in the fight against bribery and corruption, the accreditation by the Department of Standards Malaysia serves as a catalyst for further growth and success. ABAC™ is poised to expand its global reach, partnering with organizations to develop robust compliance programs, conduct regulatory compliance audits, and provide ethical business conduct training to foster a culture of integrity and accountability.

This recognition also reinforces ABAC™’s commitment to innovation, as it continues to invest in innovative methodologies and technologies to stay ahead of emerging threats. ABAC™’s comprehensive suite of services, including anti-corruption consulting, compliance and ethics program development, due diligence in anti-corruption, and corporate transparency solutions, equips organizations with the tools needed to mitigate risks, protect their reputation, and ensure sustainable growth.


About Department of Standards Malaysia (Standards Malaysia) Governed by the Standards of Malaysia Act 1996 (Act 549), the Department of Standards Malaysia (Standards Malaysia) is an agency established on 28 August 1996, under the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI). Standards Malaysia is the National Standards & Accreditation Body of Malaysia providing confidence to various stakeholders, through credible standardization and accreditation services for global competitiveness.

About ABAC™ Center of Excellence

ABAC™ Center of Excellence is the global leader in Anti-Bribery Certification and Anti-Corruption Compliance, empowering organizations to combat bribery, corruption, and corporate fraud. With accreditations from the United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UKAS) and International Accreditation Service and led by industry expert Zafar I. Anjum, ABAC™ offers a comprehensive suite of services, including ISO 37001 Certification for Anti-Bribery Management Systems, compliance risk management solutions, anti-money laundering expertise, and international fraud investigations. With a commitment to integrity, transparency, and ethical business leadership, ABAC™ is dedicated to driving meaningful change and ensuring corporate compliance and ethics worldwide.

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