Empowering Women in Anti-Corruption: Insights from IWD 2024 Webinar Series

Empowering Women in Anti-Corruption - Insights from IWD 2024 - Webinar Series

In the realm where integrity and transparency reign supreme, women emerge as the architects of change and pillars of ethical leadership. As we commemorated International Women’s Day 2024, we embarked on a profound journey celebrating the indispensable role that women play in the battle against bribery and corruption. This introspective voyage delves into the hurdles overcome, victories achieved, and the path ahead towards a more just and equitable society.

Historically marginalized in anti-bribery and anti-corruption arenas, women have emerged as trailblazers, reshaping policies, challenging norms, and advocating for ethical standards in combating financial misconduct. Despite systemic obstacles, women have pioneered innovative solutions, offering diverse perspectives that set new benchmarks for accountability and transparency in business and governance.

At the forefront of the anti-bribery and anti-corruption narrative, ABAC Center of Excellence marked this year’s International Women’s Day with a three-day webinar series celebrating women. This platform amplified the voices and experiences of exceptional women leaders, experts, and advocates in the anti-corruption domain. Esteemed individuals such as Ms. Jauharatud Dini, the Head of Group Compliance at IHH Group; Ms. Cynthia Gabriel an Award Winning Anti-Corruption Advocate and Consultant & Founder of C4 Center and lawyer; Ms. Shanti Abraham a Litigator, International Arbitrator & Mediator, Adjudicator who is also the President of the Medico-Legal Society of Malaysia and Vice-President of Women’s International Shipping and Trading Association, Malaysia (WISTA); Ms. Natasa Novakovich who holds positions as the ESG Director at the Croation Employer’s Association, EU Greco Evaluator & Founder of South-East Europe Good Governance & Anti-Corruption Women Leaders; Puan Zakiah Hassan, the Chief Senior Assistant Commissioner of MACC and Datin Radhika Nandraroj who is the Director and Founder of Vision Ethics graced the webinar series with their powerful sharing.

Through engaging sessions, participants gleaned insights into the challenges faced by women in this sector, strategies to surmount obstacles, and opportunities to drive positive change in their organizations and communities. The series facilitated a vibrant exchange of ideas, best practices, and inspiration, empowering attendees to advocate for ethics and integrity within their spheres of influence.

The webinars also delved into the unique challenges encountered by women in leadership roles in anti-bribery and anti-corruption. Despite adversities, women exhibited resilience, determination, and innovative approaches in combating financial malpractice. Their stories of triumph and advocacy for gender equality in the anti-bribery and anti-corruption realms have inspired a new wave of change-makers to join the crusade for a more ethical and transparent future.

Looking ahead, it is crucial to acknowledge and bolster the invaluable contributions of women in the anti-corruption landscape. By fostering a culture of inclusivity, diversity, and gender equality, we can unleash the full potential of women in this crucial field and drive sustainable change towards a more just and transparent society. Investing in the education, mentorship, and empowerment of women in anti-bribery and anti-corruption is pivotal in constructing a future where ethics reign supreme and women stand as bastions of integrity, fairness, and accountability.

This International Women’s Day, we celebrated the unwavering spirit, leadership, and achievements of women who tirelessly combat bribery and corruption. Their dedication, expertise, and ethical stewardship are shaping a future grounded in transparency and accountability for all. By honouring and supporting women in the anti-corruption realm, we reaffirm our commitment to building a society founded on principles of integrity, fairness, and justice.

Our profound reflection on the pivotal role of women in the battle against bribery and corruption brings to light the transformative influence of gender equality and ethical leadership. By amplifying the voices and experiences of women in this critical domain, we pave the way for a future where integrity prevails, trust is restored, and women stand tall as champions of ethics and transparency. In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, “A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.” This International Women’s Year 2024 should be a daily celebration, not just a single day, for women never cease working and contributing towards something powerful in the anti-bribery and anti-corruption realms, and beyond.

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