ABAC™ celebrates five years of battle against bribery and corruption

ABAC® celebrates five years of battle against bribery and corruption

ABAC™ Center of Excellence celebrated its fifth anniversary with great joy today. The ABAC™ Center of Excellence is exulting its fifth anniversary in the relentless battle in resistance to bribery and corruption. Since its establishment back in 2016, ABAC™ has achieved a wealth of milestones, including registering with the PSMB to become HRDF Claimable Training Providers (TP); an accreditation that authorises ABAC™ to deliver the highest level of training services for multinational organisations pursuing to educate personnel and qualified individuals in Malaysia who are intent in advancing with their careers.

There was a notable spike in HR and employee associated concerns when the global pandemic hit which ABAC™ were honoured to support fight across the globe. ABAC™ continued with the ISO 37001 certification, successfully appraising and granting clients, such as Mubadala Petroleum and UDA Holdings Berhad Group with ISO 37001 ABMS certifications. They also joined forces with the Founder and President of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (Malaysia division), Mr Dato’ Sri Akhbar Satar, curating a live training session regarding bribery while delivering a summary of the regulatory ISO  37001 Anti-bribery Management System framework.

ABAC™ is dedicated to advocating for transparency and compliance to organisations and their professional relationships and acknowledge that clientele are an essential part of the ride and that without them, the journey would never have been possible and would like to thank them for accompanying them through their endless journey.

ABAC™ 2021 new milestones

  • ABAC™ Certified Mubadala Petroleum for ISO 37001:2016 ABMS
  • ABAC™ Certified UDA Holdings Berhad for ISO 37001:2016 ABMS
  • ABAC™ become HRDF Claimable Training Providers (TP)
  • ABAC™ introduced new training courses and expanded its training capabilities to several ISOs courses, including ISO 37301 TrainingISO 31000 Training and Anti Money Laundering Training.
  • ABAC™ expanded its certification capabilities to newly launched ISO standards – ISO 37002 Whistleblowing Management System and ISO 37000 Governance of Organisations
  • ABAC™ introduced a new service – Integrated Management Systems (IMS), a comprehensive new compliance programme integrating ISO 37001, ISO 37002 and ISO 37301 into one programme.
  • ABAC™ registered with Dubai International Financial Centre
  • ABAC™ established a new podcast platform centred around risk, compliance and anti-bribery topics
  • ABAC™ established a new YouTube account to centralise all its creative videos into one platform as part of the brand awareness
  • ABAC™ organised a series of online seminars as part of brand awareness, and continuous effort to educate the public and private sectors about managing risk, compliance and anti-bribery.
    • Protecting your company from the global corruption pandemic
    • Bribery, what you must do within the first 48 hours of discovery?
    • Section 17A MACC Act 2009: Your ignorance can take you, your company and your boss(es) to jail
    • Bribery, pitfalls most organisations often commit. The importance of Anti-Bribery Management Systems (ABMS).
    • 29 October 2021 – Reporting bribery and misconduct in the workplace. Know-how you can be the whistleblower (Upcoming event)
    • 9 December 2021 – Know-how Third-party Risk Management and Due Diligence defend your company from disastrous litigation (Upcoming event)

ABAC™ has accomplished development in different regions and would sincerely like to thank to all clients, partners, and global teams for being together in this journey and wishes for many more years of continuous partnerships.

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